Types of Open Source Software Support

GBdirect offers 3 types of Open Source Software Support:

Packaged Open Source Support and Maintenance

GBdirect offer the following types of Open Source support under one, two and three year ‘off-the-shelf’, pre-packaged support programmes. The longer the contract period, the lower the costs.

All of these annual maintenance contracts provide options for on-site support and call-outs within office hours.

Casual Open Source Software Support

The following open source support services are available on a casual basis, for short-term one-off problems. Daily and hourly rates are, however, notably higher than they are for the same services provided under longer-term contracts.

Bespoke Open Source Support and Emergency Cover

Bespoke open source support programmes are framed on a case by case basis. They can include any, or all, of the open source support services listed above and may be extended to cover emergency support, including 24x7 telephone support, a 24x7 email helpdesk, same day emergency onsite call-out, etc.